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The Prosci ADKAR® Model is a goal-oriented change management model that guides individual and organizational change. Created by Prosci founder Jeff Hiatt, ADKAR is an acronym that represents the five tangible and concrete outcomes that people need to achieve for lasting change: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement.

By outlining the goals and outcomes of successful change, the ADKAR Model is an effective tool for planning change management activities, equipping your leaders facilitating change, and supporting your employees throughout the change.


“Working our Adoption and Change Management program through the ADKAR Model gave us a higher degree of engagement… We were treating people differently.”

Jean-Claude Monney, Microsoft


Focus on Driving Individual Change

Allows leaders and change management teams to focus their activities on what will drive individual change and therefore achieve organizational results.

Simple Framework

Provides a simple, easy-to-use framework for everyone involved in managing change.

Clear Goals

Delivers clear goals and measurable outcomes for change management activities.

Common Change Language

Gives employees, managers and senior leaders alike a common language to describe and discuss change together.

Organizational change begins with managing individual change

Change is often a complex and difficult process—and it’s inevitable. The most commonly cited reason for project failure is problems with the people side of change. Yet organizations often invest more in the technical side of change than in leading impacted people through times of change.

The first step in managing any type of organizational change is understanding how to manage the change that a single individual is experiencing. Driving successful change in individuals and organizations requires new thinking, new models for change, and new tools.

The Prosci ADKAR Model is proven to help organizations achieve the greatest benefits from their change initiatives.

Succeed with Six Free ADKAR Resources

Learn more about the building blocks which make up this powerful tool.

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