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Cooperation with the Leadership Pipeline Institute

We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we started cooperation with the Leadership Pipeline Institute in Denmark, which allows us to bring a globally recognized Leadership Pipeline framework to our customers.


Imagine a company that has a CFO but does not have a budget process and no accounting system. In such circumstances, it is difficult for a financial manager to succeed. Financial processes create clarity and certainty, financial matters are under control and problems are easy to talk about.

Less attention is paid to the fact that management itself is one of the functions that ensure the success of the company and needs also an internal system. Usually, management is considered a general topic, for example, it is discussed whether Rein is a good leader at large, but the data is insufficient to make such an assessment. At best, there is annual employee feedback. This is one reason, why the efficiency of management training is low, as a rule, less than 15%.

The Leadership Pipeline approach helps to create an internal management system that recognizes the value created by each level of leadership and formulates specific behavioral expectations to get the job done. This provides an opportunity to select, assess and develop performance on a specific basis. Rein can be a good leader of others but may not want to do the job of leader of leaders. Mihkel is an excellent functional leader, but in order to develop into the role of a business leader, he should work more with some skills. And no one has to feel bad about it. Because everybody knows the value that each level of management creates and what needs to be developed in order to move to the next level.

The Leadership Pipeline framework provides a common language and a common understanding of what needs to get done and by whom, helping to solve problems, make decisions, and use opportunities across the organization. The whole value chain will work more efficiently. The head of the company can deal with strategic issues and communication with various stakeholders, as the leaders in his team develop their areas, cooperate effectively with each other, and manage the implementation plans. There is an overview of succession available for each level, as managerial work and the necessary skills are regularly monitored and developed across the organization.

If you want more information on how to create an internal management support system and develop leaders, look here or book an appointment for a free consultation here.

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