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Developing Endover’s Leadership Capabilities and Advising Them on the Strategy Process

Client Need

The goal of Endover, the leading Estonian real estate developer, was to increase the efficiency of project implementation and cooperation between units and roles by developing leadership skills. The client also wanted to gain clarity and dedication to the company's future strategic goals and choices in their fast-growing business.

Our Solution

We implemented a 5-module development program for nearly 20 leaders with Everything DiSC Workplace behavioral profiles and hands-on leadership tools. We focused on the manager's personal effectiveness, leading the people and collaboration process and managing change. The program included Lean Collaboration Simulation as an innovative element to help analyze teamwork and process management skills. At the end of the program implementation of the gained knowledge to the workplace was supported by a group coaching day. During the 2-month period, we also helped the leadership team to develop a corporate strategy clear and concise enough to fit on one page and is therefore easier to communicate. The strategy map method makes it easier to align company's and business areas' strategy maps and involves a large part of the employees in the strategy creation process.


As a result of the development program, the leadership and collaboration competence of the project managers increased, and the team was more aligned with the common goals. The process of creating a new strategy involved most of the staff and generated commitment and communication from top to bottom.

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