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Development Programs for Municipal Leaders

Client Need

Established in 2000, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) promotes business and regional policy in Estonia and is one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship by providing financial assistance, counseling, cooperation opportunities and training for entrepreneurs, research institutions, the public and non-profit sectors. The goal was to support the success of administrative reform by training the leaders of Estonian municipalities in the context of mergers and providing them with the necessary support from top educators and mentors.

Our Solution

Between 2015 to 2018 we conducted three development programs for municipal leaders. The aim was to increase the management and cooperation capacity of local municipalities before and after the administrative reform, and to support the leaders in implementing the changes that they are facing. In total 75 municipal leaders participated in the programs: mayors, deputy mayors, municipality governors and the chairmen of the councils. The program supported leaders in making key choices for the region, planning comprehensive developments, and designing and implementing changes. The program involved two study trips to Denmark where local leaders visited the success stories and well-functioning solutions of Denmark municipalities. Additionally, we offered mentoring services, where every municipal leader received mentor's support to implement the development goals of their municipality.


  • Leaders became more aware of their role as head of change and have acquired a systematic approach for making changes in the local communities
  • Significant increase in participants' leadership competencies and confidence
  • Finding innovative and thinking out-of-the-box solutions in providing public services and organizing local government activities


"A clearer awareness of the role of the manager, thinking about key activities and gaining courage and confidence to make the necessary changes."

"Innovative, thinking out-of-the-box solutions for development services (Danish examples)."

"The emerging learning network and social capital for further cooperation between local governments."

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