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Change and Value-Based Management Development Programs for School Leaders

Client Need

SA Innove is a competence center for general and vocational education and educational support services and an intermediary of European Union subsidies. The foundation was established in 2003 in the administrative field of the Ministry of Education and Research. Innove supports students in coping with life and contributes to the functioning of a flexible and balanced educational system.

Between 2016 to 2018 we conducted two school leader development programs  - "Change management" and "Value-based and learner-centered leadership". Today's schools need leaders who are learners themselves and who create a culture open to learning and change.

Our Solution

Over three years more than 500 managers of general education, vocational schools and kindergartens completed this development program. It was practical tool-based training, in which the executives worked on one of their real projects and received support for its implementation. The training programs consisted of 4 training days, in addition to individual and group coaching sessions. Participants received support for a variety of change projects:
  • the merger of two organizations
  • implementation of learner-centered curriculum
  • changing teaching habits
  • innovation in teaching methods, etc.


  • A noticeable change in the systematic implementation of  new skills and knowledge
  • Every participant in the course planned and implemented a real change project during the program, which gave rise to the value of Estonian schools
  • Managers plan to use the received tools on a daily basis


"A very practical training for a school principal which gave support and confidence in our work. After each training day, I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to change and do. Inspiring, engaging!"

"Inspirational training which helped to understand the importance of the ability to change in an ever-changing world."

"I've gained new ideas on how to innovate and how to understand values."

Change Partners OÜ

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