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Supporting state reform of Estonia and mergers of several public sector organisations

Client need

As one of the activities of the state reform, the merging of various state agencies operating in a similar field was carried out in order to achieve a more efficient and effective performance of state tasks and the provision of higher quality services. In the period 2020-2021, work was started in four newly formed joint agencies: the Transport Administration, the Education and Youth Board, the Agriculture and Food Board, and the Environment Board. The State Support Services Center, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, wanted to provide central support to the heads of the merging agencies in implementing the change. They commissioned a development program to raise their awareness of change management principles and develop their skills in managing both processes and people.

Our solution

Change Partners put together an interactive and hands-on workshop-based training program that provided participants with immediately applicable methods and tools for planning and implementing change. The program's aim was to define roles and responsibilities in the change process, and the opportunity to work together to plan for further change. The program consisted of two training days, individual work on a change project, and virtual follow-up support for two months.


  • A total of 200 managers participated in the development program, and today the program has been extended to managers and employees of other civil service agencies
  • Participants acquired a practical model for better managing themselves and others in change and developed an action plan to create the factors needed to implement change

Feedback from participating managers

"The training made me think more about how much is really needed to make the change work. Good tools can bring a lot of clarity to change."

"The training was structured logically, its content was interesting and easy to follow. The greatest value of the training was the system it gave me for understanding what stage we are in with our organization at the moment."

"Very good and relevant training that is very applicable in everyday practice. This training is important for everyone in front of changes."

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